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Thread: Synonyms for "συλλυπητήρια"

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    Synonyms for "συλλυπητήρια"

    Good morning friends,

    Can anyone please suggest a few other ways to express condolences to a friend apart from "συλλυπητηρια"? Is that the only word used in this situation?

    Thank you, in advance. I really appreciate it.

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    "Ζωή σε σας" and "Να ζήσετε να τον/την θυμάστε" are two rather common and familiar expressions.

    "Συλλυπητήρια" or "Τα συλλυπητήριά μου" is the most general, to be used on all occasions, formal and informal.
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    Thank you, AoratiMelani. These are very helpful. Let me ask you, would it be appropriate to also say "Σας στελνουμε θερμες ευχες"?

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    No, this is to be used only on joyful occasions (birth, marriage, etc.). Just stick to what AoratiMelani said.
    Aπ' ό,τι κάλλη έχει άνθρωπος, τα λόγια έχουν τη χάρη / να κάμουσι κάθε καρδιά παρηγοριά να πάρη
    κι οπού κατέχει να μιλεί με γνώση και με τρόπο / κάνει και κλαίσι και γελούν τα μάτια των ανθρώπω.

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    Thank you, Themis. I had that feeling - but wasn't sure.



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