Thanks, Nickel, for the translation. Now the wheel has come full circle: you showed me where to find the video clip of this song and and now you translate for me the final strophe! My rendering of verse 2 is this:

Ήπια ποτήρια σαν κι αυτά/I have drunk drinks like these
απ’ άλλων χέρια δυνατά γι’ αυτό στοχάσου/from the strong hands of others, so consider:
φυλάξου απ’ την κακοτοπιά/ guard yourself against the thin ice you're skating on
μην τα ξανακεράσεις πια/lest you stand free drinks like this anymore
σε κάτι ανδρείκελα που θα ’χεις θύματά σου/to some stooges you will have as your victims.

I hope I can now listen to the recording with full confidence about its meaning with the comments of Earion adding significantly to my appreciation!