England Lost - Mick Jagger

England Lost: Mick Jagger releases Brexit-inspired solo songs

Rolling Stones singer says England Lost reflects country’s ‘vulnerability’ while Gotta Get a Grip bemoans fake news and politics led by ‘lunatics’

Mick Jagger at 74 has delivered his first solo musical foray into political commentary, with a pair of new songs that deliver grimly mocking takes on the age of Brexit and Trump.

The celebrated Rolling Stones frontman released England Lost and Gotta Get A Grip on Thursday
[27-7-'17], saying he wrote them while stirred by “anxiety [and] unknowability of the changing political situation”.

The songs represent Jagger’s first solo appearance on any release since 2011 and follows last year’s Stones album, Blue & Lonesome.

Gotta Get A Grip